Omni's latest machine - AgieCharmilles CUT 20 P

At Omni we are always exploring new ways to deliver the best quality at a timely manner.  Omnis' latest AgieCharmilles CUT 20 P is a very powerful competitive production unit that allows a unique speed cut attaining the most common values of surface roughness.

It's Real Simple - the Omni Machine Works Philosophy

     It seems lately I’ve been getting weekly solicitations from consulting firms wanting to show me how to run my business. I always respectfully decline. After all, I’ve been running my business successfully for 17 years now. Yet, they are relentless and insist they can show me how to make more money. “That is what you’re in business for, right?”

     I was recently having a conversation with a customer who owns a similar business not far from us. He confided in me that they had hired one such consulting firm to come in and show them how to optimize their business, probably one of the many that calls me regularly. He informed me that the firm had spent roughly one month at their facility going over their books and their process at a cost of $50K. Needless to say, I was anxious to hear what he had learned. Was there a sudden realization or a great epiphany?! “Wow!” I said, “What did you learn?” “Nothing really” he replied, to my surprise. “Surely you learned something?!" I pressed. “Nothing that would justify spending $50K”, he responded. “Well, that I can understand, but, if there was just one thing that you learned that stood out above the rest, what would that be?” I waited with anticipation as he thought for a moment. “Yes there is one thing.” he exclaimed. ”What is your top priority in business?” he asked. “To keep your customers happy” I responded. “No. It’s to make money!” he said. I just smiled and nodded my head as he walked out the door.

     We here at Omni Machine Works, Inc. don’t subscribe to that point of view. We believe that our customers are our number one priority. Without them, there is no money. When I started the business all those years ago, nothing gave me more pleasure than hearing from our customers what a great job we do. I’m happy to say that those same customers are still our customers today and the list continues to grow. You see. To us, it’s real simple. If you give your customer what they want, when they want it, with quality and a fair price, you won’t need to worry about the bottom line.

- Mark Engelbracht, President

Omni Machine Works has a Mazak QTS250

Mazak QTS250Omni Machine Works has now the capabilities of The “QUICK TURN SMART” series.  Our newly-aquired Mazak QTS250 for the CNC system can utilize both EIA/ISO format program codes and conversational programming. It combines productivity, high-accuracy, and high-reliability.  At Omni Machine Works, we provide the best quality to our clients. We never stop working to increase our capabilities. With the addition of the Mazak QTS250, the level of quality we offer continues to increase.

From CNN - Desperately seeking Americans for factory jobs

cnnMark Engelbracht, owner of Omni Machine Works in Covington, Ga., is trying to hire just three new machinists. He, too, is having a hard time, a situation that will worsen as his older machinists retire.

"Finding more work isn't the problem for our business," he said. "Getting the worker is becoming a problem."

Omni Machine Works makes parts used by machines that manufacture consumer products, such as tires and phone plates. "But we're also a job shop. So we do a little bit of everything," he said.

Engelbracht has hired headhunters and temp agencies to fill the slots, but has had no luck. He's now thinking about starting an in-house apprentice program to train hires himself.

"I've been trying to hire for a year," he said. "It's not that people aren't applying. But many are claiming to be machinists when they aren't exactly." Click for full CNN story.

About our Shop

Our 12,000 square foot machine and fabrication shop is adjacent to our 3,200 square foot machine assembly shop.  This enables us to efficiently take your project from blueprints to the final product, whether it is a small or large production run, single replacement part, or a custom built machine.

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